Alumni Newsletter – April/May 2021

Here is a sample article from our new Monthly Alumni Newsletter developed and edited by Peniel Staff member Whitney Botts, BS. Check out the full newsletter in PDF version here: Peniel Staff Spotlight: Emily Cooper, BS When Emily Cooper initially stepped through the doors of Peniel as a client, she had no idea what God hadin store for her. Emily … Read More

Alumni Newsletter – March 2021

Here is a sample article from our new Monthly Alumni Newsletter developed and edited by Peniel Staff member Whitney Botts, BS. Check out the full newsletter in PDF version here: Leave a comment and let us know what you think! There Is Hope: A Testimony When Zachary entered Peniel in April of 2010, he did not yet have a sense … Read More

International Church of God Creates New Award In Honor of Dr. Marion Spellman

With unshakeable faith and a heart full of compassion, Dr. Spellman has labored for more than 38 years to restore broken lives torn apart by addiction and substance abuse. She has been committed to doing God’s will with resolute determination and to fulfilling the vision that God placed in her heart so many years ago. Willing to stand alone and … Read More

Peniel Sits Down With Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto

The drug problem is an unfortunate reality that has been hitting our region especially hard. Nearly every organization, business or family in our area is affected in some way by this epidemic. However, for more than 35 years, Peniel has been at the forefront of effective addiction treatment. Recently members of the Peniel staff along with First Lady Barbara Mann … Read More

PENIEL on “Sunday Magazine”

Peniel Public Relations Director, Durean Coleman, was invited as a guest on the “Sunday Magazine”  radio talk show hosted by Jessica Taylor on Cool 101.7FM. The two discussed the nature of addiction, the restoration Peniel offers for those that are struggling and Peniel’s outlook of hope for our community. The full interview can be heard here.    

“Peniel Love Lessons”

When I joined the team of Peniel in October of 2013, I had no idea how radically my life would be changed.  I felt at the time, and still believe, that God placed me here.  At last, I would be able to give back something to those affected by the devastation of addiction! But, oh… God had so much more … Read More

James’ Story

I was controlled by addiction for 23 years, which entrapped me inside a never ending, torturous maze of drug use. I felt there wasn’t a map available to lead me to an escape. Before coming to Peniel I had spent 90% of my adult existence caged within a prison cell. Loneliness and anger were my best friends. I suffered self-inflicted … Read More

“Restoring Broken Lives” Featured in Local Newspaper!

Recently, Dr. Spellman, Founding President & CEO, sat down with Kelly Urban of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat to share about how the book, “Restoring Broken Lives: The Marion Spellman Story” came to pass.The article was featured on the front page of the paper! Click here to read the Tribune-Democrat feature article in its entirety. The book, which is now in its second … Read More

“Restoring Broken Lives: The Marion Spellman Story”

The long anticipated release of Dr. Marion Spellman’s publishing debut is upon us! “Restoring Broken Lives, The Marion Spellman Story” is the incredible true story of a visionary set on accomplishing her life’s mission. Dr. Spellman recounts the various joys, trials, pains and gains of birthing and growing an effective, life-changing Christian treatment program. It is a fascinating read that … Read More

PENIEL on Johnstown Live

Peniel was invited to share on Johnstown’s premier news talk radio station – WNTJ 1490. Ralph Demarco, host of Johnstown Live sat down with Durean Coleman, Peniel PR Director; Shane Streets, Peniel Primary Counselor; and Dumon Coleman, Peniel Graduate; to talk about what it is that makes Peniel’s approach to treatment so effective and successful. They were able to share … Read More