A Little Bit About Who We Are . . .

Peniel Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is an intensive, inpatient rehabilitation program that works to effectively treat men and women eighteen years of age or older who suffer from chronic substance abuse.

Peniel has found that addiction does not discriminate among race, background, social status or religious affiliation; therefore, the men and women who enter treatment come from all lifestyles, all facets of society, and all corners of the globe. In fact, statistics confirm that nearly every household has experienced the devastation of having someone they know or someone in the family clenched by the stronghold of addiction.

Peniel believes addictions are fully reversible! The Peniel Biblically-based treatment model absolutely works by serving a dual purpose. The first is to facilitate an environment in which clients can grow spiritually and learn Biblical principles that they can apply to their daily lives. The second purpose is to teach clients practical methods that support their sobriety and encourage healthy alternatives that are contrary to old habits and behaviors.

The goal of Peniel is to see men and women’s broken lives restored and true change take place. We aim to send clients back into their communities prepared to live sober lives of integrity and purpose with the expectation of leading others in a positive direction.