Peniel's Purpose and Vision

Literally every day miracles occur at Peniel. Men and women’s lives are transformed, families are restored and the vicious cycle of addiction is broken. Simply stated, Peniel’s purpose is to see men and women free of their bondages and the tangled snare of their addictions loosened. We encourage an honest relationship with God, self, and others by providing a secure and controlled environment for clients to deal with their issues through self-examination and daily interaction with one another.

Unresolved conflicts, failures, past hurts, peer pressure and the inability to cope in a pressure driven society have greatly contributed to a person’s substance abuse. Therefore, we have instituted a no-nonsense approach in treating each client. Individualized treatment plans explore damaging behavior and factors leading to drug or alcohol abuse and provide practical tools for sobriety which highlight the client’s potential and strengths as well as expose weaknesses and negative patterns that lead to degenerative behavior.

In addition to equipping clients with the ability to maintain life-long sobriety and a Christian standard of living, he/she is empowered to be an effective leader and to have a positive influence in their home, church and community.