Another building block towards attaining and maintaining life-long sobriety is the integration of classes into the client’s treatment. In addition to teaching new information the secondary purpose is to develop or redevelop client’s critical thinking and reasoning skills. Over time addiction breaks down human intellect and by getting clients to use cognitive thinking skills, we aim to re-establish and rebuild what was lost.

Some of the classes offered are:

  • Money Management
  • Parenting Skills
  • Destroying the Victim’s Mentality
  • Drug Awareness
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Career Planning
  • Journey To Me

Vocational Therapy

Since work is a valid part of the client’s life after treatment, he/ she is trained to successfully re-enter the work force. However in this setting, greater emphasis is placed upon character rather than skill. Character traits such as initiative, integrity on and off the job, neatness, and responsibility are stressed. He/ she learns professionalism, time management, teamwork, and to have a spirit of excellence no matter how great or seemingly small the task. Clients learn to demonstrate, through their behavior and attitude that they know how to cooperate with others and work within structure.


id you know that statistics confirm as high as 75% of criminal and addictive behavior is the result of poorly utilized leisure time? Peniel believes that by encouraging and providing positive activities we can confirm to our clients that it’s possible to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. Peniel teaches clients new and intriguing ways of dealing with free time. There are healthy alternatives that are implemented into the resident's overall treatment plan. These alternatives include but are not limited to special projects, physical education, culturally stimulating events, and group interaction.

Some activities available to Peniel residents are:

  • Physical fitness and exercise in the gymnasium and fitness center
  • Literary and expository resources in the fully furnished library
  • Various sporting activities including basketball, football, volleyball, running, softball, and  ping-pong
  • Friday movie/snack night - clients can request rental movies, beverages, and snack food and enjoy fun and fellowship
  • Peniel Choir and music ensemble