Programs: Residential Life

The Peniel facility provides two dormitories, one for the Male program and the other for the Ladies program. Contact between male and female clients is strictly forbidden. We believe that in order to effectively treat an individual, distractions, including interaction with the opposite sex who is currently receiving treatment, are a detriment. Each client is assigned to a room in his/ her appropriate dormitory with one to three other person(s). All residents are given a locker and drawer space to store personal belongings. The dormitories are spacious and comfortable, providing lounges, restrooms and showers, a laundry room, and a barbershop.

All clients are given a daily schedule to follow which includes set times for events, daily routines, and circumstances designed to produce growth. Program structure serves as a basis for a therapeutic setting designed to support strengths and reveal weaknesses.

Residential life is incorporated into the client’s treatment by producing an effective environment that allows each individual to exhibit his/ her personality and receive constructive criticism from staff with the aim of changing negative behavior. The living conditions provide an ideal setting for residents to interact with each other in order to experience “real-life” problems and learn how to handle situations through constructive methods. Clients are required to take responsibility for their actions and encouraged to support and confront each other in healthy and positive ways.