The first step is a thorough intake process to collect important data that will determine the specific needs of each client and the approach that will ultimately work best for him/her. This initial orientation phase lasts approximately 30 days - since the client has stopped the use of drugs and is becoming acclimated to their new environment, this first month is a critical period of transition for the client.

Phase One

After the initial 30-day orientation period the client reaches Phase One. During Phase One clients are assigned a primary counselor and begin meeting with him/ her on a weekly basis.

Phase Two

In this phase the client continues identifying areas that are a hazard to his/ her sobriety and utilize practical methods by demonstrating the objectives he/ she is learning and receiving additional responsibilities.

Phase Three

During this phase, the client is expected to continue demonstrating what he/she is being taught by indicating positive behavior with integrity.

Phase Four

The main purpose of Phase Four is to teach the client valid and effective means of Relapse Prevention. Relapse Prevention gives the client the tools he/she will need to stay sober upon completing Peniel.