Peniel is a non-profit organization that assists in rehabilitating men and women into functioning and sober individuals. Peniel operates under a thirteen member, policy-making Board of Directors.  Peniel’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Marion Spellman, works in conjunction with the Board of Directors to interpret the policies and procedures handed down from the board so that she can distribute and implement them to the Peniel staff.

Dr. Marion Spellman, in combination with her husband Dr. Harold Spellman, work together to provide superior service to the men and women that come through Peniel’s doors seeking help.

Overview of Peniel Departments

Admissions Department

The Admissions Department serves as new client’s initial contact with Peniel. From the first telephone call to the initial interview, Peniel’s gregarious intake staff helps new clients adjust to being in treatment. Admissions is a key element in Peniel’s approach to treating clients because they work to ensure clients are admitted properly and that their time spent in the orientation phase, which is often the most crucial period for new clients, is successful.

Each day Peniel receives calls from all over the United States from men and women who are suffering and lost in addiction. To meet the escalating number of calls from new clients that Peniel services each day, a new intake wing has recently been built and additional staff brought in to meet these demands.

Clinical Department

This department is responsible for the day-to-day operations and emotional well being of Peniel residents. The Clinical staff ensures that treatment plans are being carried out and that each individual is reaching his/ her maximum potential. Counselors spend their days and nights working one on one with clients and assisting them with their problems. They model a lifestyle of positive Christian behavior and a strong commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities that clients are able to witness first-hand on a daily basis.

Medical Department

Peniel has  staff available to meet client’s medical as well as psychiatric needs. All clients are given a mental evaluation upon entering treatment as well as a medical assessment. Each client’s overall health is monitored for the duration of his/her stay at Peniel. The staff works diligently to safeguard the health and safety of residents in addition to the distribution of client’s medication and scheduling of medical appointments.

Administrative Department

This department oversees the daily organization and management of the Peniel facility. It includes a Vocational department, Fiscal department, and Public Relations department. Each department works in correlation to the CEO’s office to make certain Peniel works efficiently and meets all government as well as organizational and Biblical standards.