Programs: Therapy

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Counseling is a key component for teaching clients innovative techniques for living sober lives. While in treatment clients receive multiple types of therapy including but not limited to the following:

Individual counseling is scheduled on a weekly basis between the primary counselor and the counselee. In these sessions clients express their personal issues and how they are feeling. Counselors convey wisdom and insight and develop a healthy, Christian analysis for treatment.

Group therapy is also held on a weekly basis but is geared towards the clients sharing amongst themselves with the facilitation of staff. Staff presents the group with a stimulating topic each week and allows them to go to work conversing about the issue. Group therapy is a significant element in treating clients for two reasons. One, it shows them that they are not alone in facing their problems, that there are others out there and they have a support group. And two, it gives them an avenue to work with other like-minded individuals to develop solutions to problems.

Family therapy is an integral part of client’s recovery. Peniel believes that because addictions affect more than just the abuser, and that the majority of the time it’s the families hurt most, they should have a role in their loved one’s treatment. Because of this philosophy, family counseling sessions are incorporated. During these sessions, families are encouraged to share their feelings and the devastating effects that their loved ones substance abuse has caused. Likewise, clients express their feelings and reasonable solutions are worked out through the aiding of the counseling staff. Families are encouraged to support their loved ones throughout their tenure at Peniel and persuade them to complete.