“Taking Back” – Mike R.

You took something from me and I want it back. My days are long, dark and lonely when you are present. My smile is no longer on my face and I act out of character. What happened to those days when I would talk on the phone with family and friends for hours? Those days when I went to the playground … Read More

James’ Story

I was controlled by addiction for 23 years, which entrapped me inside a never ending, torturous maze of drug use. I felt there wasn’t a map available to lead me to an escape. Before coming to Peniel I had spent 90% of my adult existence caged within a prison cell. Loneliness and anger were my best friends. I suffered self-inflicted … Read More

“Restoring Broken Lives” Featured in Local Newspaper!

Recently, Dr. Spellman, Founding President & CEO, sat down with Kelly Urban of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat to share about how the book, “Restoring Broken Lives: The Marion Spellman Story” came to pass.The article was featured on the front page of the paper! Click here to read the Tribune-Democrat feature article in its entirety. The book, which is now in its second … Read More

“Restoring Broken Lives: The Marion Spellman Story”

The long anticipated release of Dr. Marion Spellman’s publishing debut is upon us! “Restoring Broken Lives, The Marion Spellman Story” is the incredible true story of a visionary set on accomplishing her life’s mission. Dr. Spellman recounts the various joys, trials, pains and gains of birthing and growing an effective, life-changing Christian treatment program. It is a fascinating read that … Read More

PENIEL on Johnstown Live

Peniel was invited to share on Johnstown’s premier news talk radio station – WNTJ 1490. Ralph Demarco, host of Johnstown Live sat down with Durean Coleman, Peniel PR Director; Shane Streets, Peniel Primary Counselor; and Dumon Coleman, Peniel Graduate; to talk about what it is that makes Peniel’s approach to treatment so effective and successful. They were able to share … Read More

Peniel Highlighted as an Asset to the Community

Johnstown’s Chief of Police, Craig Foust was recently interviewed by the Johnstown Tribune Democrat in regard to issues of crime and drug activity affecting the city. While he had many positive as well as constructive comments, he mentioned Peniel as a bright spot in the community’s overall outlook. When asked about treatment options in the area, he had this to … Read More

Peniel Featured At Community Roundtable Discussion

State senators in Johnstown recently were treated to a short course on the drug problem and its relationship to crime in small urban areas. Dr. Marion Spellman, Founding President and CEO of Peniel was invited to attend the roundtable discussion on crime and violence in the Greater Johnstown Community. Dr. Spellman had this to say about the problem of addiction … Read More

Tips to help parents prevent drug use among their children

Children of engaged parents are far less likely to try or become addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is imperative that parents take the initiative to open lines of communication with their children about the dangers of substance abuse. There is perhaps no greater influence – positive or negative – in the lives of youth than that of their parents. … Read More

PENIEL – Spreading Hope Live on Daystar

Peniel’s message of hope reached the ample viewer base of the Daystar Network’s award winning program, Celebration With Marcus and Joni Lamb. Celebration is broadcast live around the world reaching the masses in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, the nation of Israel and has recently expanded into Hong Kong, Japan.  Rev. Ronnie Brock, global … Read More