“Taking Back” – Mike R.

You took something from me and I want it back. My days are long, dark and lonely when you are present. My smile is no longer on my face and I act out of character.

What happened to those days when I would talk on the phone with family and friends for hours? Those days when I went to the playground with my children and we would swing for what seemed like days. I remember those strong teachings from my mother and my father, and also the good childhood memories . . . but now they are replaced with rebellion and reckless thoughts.

My goals and dreams are no longer at the forefront of my mind. They have been replaced with the thought of, “I just need one drink so I can escape.” What happened to life? I thought I had it all figured out.

Oh, I now know what it was, it was you addiction.

You took some things from me and now I want them back.

DSC05218 - CopyI’m taking my education back!

I’m taking my
career back!

I’m taking my family back!

I’m taking my friends back!

I’m taking my children back!

I’m taking my healthy thinking back!

I’m taking my life back!