“Restoring Broken Lives: The Marion Spellman Story”

111The long anticipated release of Dr. Marion Spellman’s publishing debut is upon us! “Restoring Broken Lives, The Marion Spellman Story” is the incredible true story of a visionary set on accomplishing her life’s mission. Dr. Spellman recounts the various joys, trials, pains and gains of birthing and growing an effective, life-changing Christian treatment program. It is a fascinating read that will leave you inspired and motivated.

Endorsed by prominent leaders from every segment:

“As as a Board Member, I can personally attest to how Dr. Marion Spellman has faced heartaches and hallelujahs, betrayals and blessings, sorrows and smiles, life-threatening physical trials and miraculous triumphs, and she has come out victorious, giving glory to her God. What a story! Read it and be inspired.”

— Sandra Kay Williams
Church of God International Women’s Director
Peniel Board of Directors

“As Board of Directors Chairman, I can honestly say that Dr. Marion Spellman is one of those rare individuals who exemplifies the essence of servant leadership. Her heart exudes genuine love and care for those who have been incarcerated by drug/alcohol addiction. Fulfilling her divine calling, she has witnessed the transformation of literally thousands of broken lives. She is a dedicated Christian, a devoted wife and mother, and her life is a story that must be told. You will be inspired, stirred, and motivated by this book – it is a must read. Marion Spellman – inimitable, incomparable, irreplaceable – a choice servant of the Lord!”

— Dr. Michael Baker
North Georgia Administrative Bishop
Peniel Board Chairman

“This book is an extremely interesting and motivational narrative about the birth and realization of a vision. Struggling for years with limited resources, Marion’s stalwart faith in God, personal fortitude and the unwavering support of her husband, family and friends has led to the restoration of hundreds of broken lives. Today, Peniel is an exemplary rehabilitation ministry that is second to none. I heartily endorse this book for all those who truly believe that nothing is impossible with God.”

— Dr. Kenneth R. Bell
Administrative Bishop
Church of God, Pennsylvania

“The devastation of addiction, its cost on families and the soul of this nation is staggering. Every official dealing with the scourge of drug addiction should read this insightful, straight forward answer to an impossible task. This is a story of hope. The record of accomplishments at Peniel is unparalleled. I am proud of Dr. Spellman and Peniel’s allegiance to Johnstown and this country. “Restoring Broken Lives, The Marion Spellman Story” is proof positive that no matter what the obstacles, all things are possible with God!”

— State Representative Bryan Barbin
71st District, Pennsylvania

“This insightful collection of Dr. Spellman’s experiences provides us with myriad examples of God at work in the affairs of His people. Readers facing adversity of any kind, minute or mammoth, are inspired to ‘keep it moving’ after indulging in this book. I am honored and humbled to call Dr. Marion Spellman my friend!”

— Dr. Barbara M. Amos
Founding Pastor Emeritus
Faith Deliverance Christian Center, Norfolk, VA

pictured here with First Lady Michelle Obama (left)

“Peniel specializes in transformation. It is not a place to learn behavior modification, it is a place to learn and experience true freedom. ‘Your life is the sum of the choices you make,’ and you could not make a better choice than Peniel.”

— Rev. Ray Streets
Senior Pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church
Johnstown, PA

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