PENIEL – Spreading Hope Live on Daystar

Peniel’s message of hope reached the ample viewer base of the Daystar Network’s award winning program, Celebration With Marcus and Joni Lamb.

Celebration is broadcast live around the world reaching the masses in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, the nation of Israel and has recently expanded into Hong Kong, Japan.  Rev. Ronnie Brock, global evangelist, and Pastor Henry M. Davis, world-renowned composer, vocalist, and pianist, spoke passionately about the life-changing, soul-rescuing work being done at Peniel.

To kick off this compelling broadcast, Pastor Henry M. Davis presented a beautifully arranged praise medley featuring a moving piano solo.  Following the musical presentation Rev. Ronnie Brock and Pastor Henry M. Davis candidly described their personal journeys from the depths of addiction. Both Pastor Davis and Rev. Brock were at the height of their assignments in ministry when addiction gripped their lives. Through Peniel, however, both of these men have been restored and are now able to encourage those who are in prominent or public positions to seek the help they may need. They further discussed the roots of addiction and Peniel’s effectiveness in treating substance abuse problems.  In the words of Rev. Ronnie Brock, “The United States government says ‘you don’t get free from addiction, you die from it,’ but we’re not dead and we are telling people everywhere, you can be free!”

Everything came to a sudden standstill, however when Marcus Lamb announced live on the air that the Daystar Network was going to make an extraordinary donation to Peniel in the amount of $10,000! And he then encouraged his viewers to also get involved in supporting Peniel.

To conclude the program, Rev. Brock shared a riveting message from the Word about the importance and significance of the anointing of God. At the close of the broadcast Pastor Davis and Rev. Brock were invited along with Marcus Lamb to pray for those watching and those who had called in during the live telecast.

It was a truly inspiring hour of television and Peniel was immediately inundated with calls from viewers pledging financial support as well as those seeking treatment for themselves or loved ones.

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