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Why Coming To Peniel Could Be The Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Ten Reasons

  1. You will study the greatest book ever written … The Holy Bible.
  2. You will re-discover the one thing that you need most in your life—LOVE.
  3. You will learn that now you can stop running. No need to look over your shoulder anymore.
  4. You will learn the incredible value of making RIGHT CHOICES. Your way does not work.
  5. You will learn the secret to success at Peniel—SUBMISSION. Stop fighting the program.
  6. You will learn or re-learn PATIENCE. Don’t underestimate this invaluable virtue.
  7. The tools you will learn will last you a lifetime.
  8. You will learn that it is God’s will for you to be here. You will find Him here. God actually does run the place.
  9. You will learn that you are addressing one of this life’s most threatening evils — just in time.
  10. You will learn here at Peniel — IT WORKS. THIS PROGRAM WORKS.


By: Rev. Ronnie Brock
Ministry To Residents
October 12, 2006


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