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Raising the Roof!

Completely reconstructing the roof over the sanctuary has been a tremendous undertaking on every level, not the least of which were the finances for the building supplies. Our members had a mind to help and took on the challenge to raise the monies needed.  And we did it, we really did it ... together.  We are so proud of our church family we have and the sacrifices we have made to accomplish this great mission together.

We also owe a great deal of appreciation to our dynamic duo of Rev. Terry Jones, Senior Pastor of the Solid Rock Church of God in Spring Church, PA and brother Bob Valiton, Peniel Alumni. At the outset of this project, Rev. Jones immediately came on board to get this project done. When we needed him, he was there for us!  He  volunteered his time and sweat to oversee this entire building project from start to finish. We will never be able to thank Pastor Jones and Bob Valiton for a job well done.    Also pictured above is Pastor Harold Spellman who was certainly encouraging.

Rev. Jones and Brother Bob worked closely with carefully chosen members of the male program to complete the task. Giving them the unique opportunity to work on such an important and special investment in Peniel and be introduced to a new learning opportunity.

We were able to snap off a few candid shots of the builders hard at work. Please check out our slide show:

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