The Spellmans

Dr. Marion Spellman
Founding President & CEO

Dr. Marion Spellman began working with ladies incarcerated in the Allegany County Jail in the late 70’s.  This work soon led her to do a follow-up on long term treatment for those individuals released from prison.  She worked for several years in a local residential program specializing in personal care and spiritual growth.

Following her tenure with this program, Dr. Spellman was employed at the Bureau of Correction in the Commissioner's Office. Her promotion to this new position did not erase the desire in her heart to see lives changed on a consistent basis, on a spiritual level. Dr. Spellman knows firsthand the horror of drugs.  Her own brother died in 1993, from an overdose.    

In 1980, The Peniel Drug/Alcohol Treatment Program was born. It is a State licensed residential facility treating men and women, eighteen years of age and older who experience drug/alcohol addiction or mild emotional problems. The program has served literally thousands of men, women, and children during its existence and has a tremendous success rate with individuals completing this program.  Peniel is happy to state that some of the graduates, as a result of their treatment, are Pastors, entrepreneurs, commercial artists, college graduates, missionaries, and in a variety of other professions.  Peniel has crossed denominational, race, ethnic barriers and is presently treating persons from nearly every walk of life.

Dr. Spellman says that her husband, Bishop Harold Spellman, is her best friend. They have two sons, and literally hundreds of spiritual sons and daughters.  She loves the Lord, God’s people, and its work. She feels her real ministry is that of giving.  She loves to give unexpected gifts to those who will never be able to give back to her.

Dr. Spellman is also a teacher of God’s word. She is a sought after camp meeting, convention, and revival speaker. She has spoken all over the United States as well as foreign nations. She has seen literally thousands saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost through her ministry. Dr. Spellman is loved and respected by all those that she has touched. Her daily life is a living testimony of a love affair with Christ.