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Restoring Broken Lives

Peniel Residential Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center

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"Truly, it has been our great honor to know and to serve with Bishop Ronnie Brock! Words cannot express how much he will be missed in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, indeed he will certainly missed at PENIEL.

We join his many friends in deeply mourning his passing. Our prayers certainly surround his wonderful family during this painful time.

Be comforted in knowing that he has moved to the highest possible realm of glory - and to that, we say AMEN!"

The Spellmans and
the PENIEL staff and students

Honoring Bishop Brock

Peniel is very grateful to the family for honoring Bishop Brock and his legacy of helping hurting people by setting up the “Bishop Ronnie Brock Memorial Fund.” Donations will go toward providing drug treatment for those in need.

You can give to this fund by clicking here or download this form to give by mail.

For your donation of $15 or more you’ll receive a copy of one of Bishop Brock’s timeless messages ministered at Peniel!